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i'm like hey! what's up? hello.

soo let's try this blogging thing again. take six ((for real though)) but this time it's gonna be for real hopefully. i'd like to think of myself as a master of all social media apps; okay, maybe i'm not a true master like some of my other pals, but i'm pretty obsessed with social media in general. truth be told i talk to a dslr for a living and then post videos that i pretend people watch  ( lowkey they do ). but blogging is such a blast from the past for me.

tbh, my blogging obsession started back in the stone age of dell laptops and internet explorer. this era was know as my senior year of high school; yet, surprisingly enough it happened during english class. shout-out to you ms. povec! you go glen po-po. 

wait, isn't this my about me page? yeah, great, let's bable more... jk. so hey guys, i'm lindsey marie whalen. i'm from new york, my heart lives in florida, but right now i am locked down in washington dc to finish up the last of the "best four years of my life".  i'm studying studio art, and i'll put money on it that you're like 'lol lindsey, what are you even gonna do with that?!' and honestly, iddkk yet (ish).  hopefully i'll find out soon enough and keep you all updated. 

now i could tell you ten different things that i love, or my favorite foods or even some hidden talents of mine to fulfill my about me but how #lame would that be? isn't the fun in blogging learning about yourself and adding onto it as the earth rotates?! wellp, to me that's what it is. so without further ado, watch your head and watch your step and welcome to my humble a-blog. 

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